Glass Hydrometer


  • Salinometer/ seawater hydrometer - Measures the density of salt in the water
  • Petroleum - measures density for Petroleum Products available in various ranges
  • Lite Oil - measures density for Lite oil available in various ranges
United Instrument

Brass Hydrometer

Used in determining the density of water.

Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometers

Consisting of dry and wet alcohol-filled glass thermometers fixed on a panel. By differential indication between these thermometers, humidity can be read from the table mounted on the panel.
Range – 10 to 50°C in 1° integrals & -20 to 120°F.
Panel size 280 x 80 mm.
Bridge housing also available

Product 15 Wet & Dry (2b801b3c-77e2-4667-82cd-1ebf5dd6b512)-1